Blushing Beauties

If you are familiar with the makeup world, you have probably heard the buzz about the Ambient lighting blushes by Hourglass.  The release was very anticipated, and these blushes were sold out, when they were first released online.  They are back in stock, and flying off of the shelves.  It’s not just a regular blush, but a hybrid of a gorgeous blush color, mixed with an ambient lighting powder.  The various lighting effects from their highlighting line, are paired with gorgeous colors to create a blush fit for a queen.

When it comes to blushes, I admit that I am a junkie, but my absolute favorites are coral in nature.  This line has 6 colors to choose from, so I knew that one of the ones that I selected would have to be the coral color, Dim Infusion.  The coral is infused with Dim light to create a warmth to the face, and leaves an absolutely gorgeous glow.  I was deciding between Diffused Heat, and Luminous Flush, because I had heard that they swatted very similarly, and upon further inspection I found that t be true.  The second blush that I selected was Luminous Flush, which is a Champagne Rose infused with Luminous Light to almost give a candlelit glow effect.  Depending on the light it can have a pinky peachy hue that is absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

How did these blushes feel?  They were silky smooth, and not powdery at all.  The product was so finely milled, and when swatted on the skin or applied to the cheeks, it just glided on effortlessly.  I will say that the Dim Infusion is very pigmented on my pale skin, but I can see how it wouldn’t show up on darker skin tones well.  It is very buildible, so you have the option to build up the color.  I did not need a lot at all to see the gorgeous color on my cheeks.  The Luminous Flush on the other hand is very pigmented, as in I need to apply it with a light hand.  It would work on a variety of skin tones, even those with darker complexions.  I do not have to build color at all with the Luminous Flush, and like I said, I need to use a light hand.  They are  both gorgeous colors, and blend seamlessly into the skin.  They are not shimmery in the sense that they make your cheeks sparkle, but they provide a gorgeous glow to your skin.  Such a unique and gorgeous product.  After trying these two shades, I want more.  I simply cannot get enough.

The packing is beautiful as usual. They are packaged in sleek soft gold mirrored compact that just oozes luxury.

You can find these blushes at your local department store, or Sephora for $35.  I would absolutely recommend these blushes, and they will be a well loved product in my collection.

Here are some pictures of the blushes, and swatches on my hand as well.



Dim Infusion                                                      Luminous Flush


Dim Infusion and Luminous Flush

If you want to be a blushing beauty with a a lovely glow this Spring, run, do not, to your local Sephora to swatch these beauties.  If you have tried them, let me know what you think!

Some dream in color, but i dream in palettes.

Yours Truly,

Politely Pink